Welcome to RUDOBA GmbH´s website.

We realise ideas by thinking constructively right from the beginning.

Our field of activity for the following sectors of industry:

Glass industry

  • process development
  • polishing burners and flame treatment systems
  • reheating stations and small smelting plants
  • handling systems
  • mould systems
  • technical support in the field of glasswork refining
  • ornament grinding machines

Machine and plant engineering

  • engineering and construction of special purpose machines and plant components
  • assembly services in the field of machine and plant engineering
  • manufacturing of modules and component parts according to customer´s drawings


To compete with others on the national and international market it is essential to maintain the state-of-the-art production facilities.

RUDOBA GmbH offers to refurbish and update your machines and plants.


  • life-time extension
  • increase in production volume
  • increase in product quality
  • higher plant efficiency
  • complying with legal regulations
  • replacement parts
  • less investment costs
  • older solid machine base can remain
  • less staff training effort
  • no new and tedious approval procedures

Machines for Retrofitting:

  • ornament grinding machine with 8 spots
  • line for pressed glass complete (ball gatherer, press, fire polishing machine, handling system)
  • ball gatherer

Products for Glass Industry


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