Außenmischende Gas-Sauerstoff-Brenner

RUDOBA offers external mixing burners in different power ranges

  • Type A as preheating burner/holding burner with a specific effective range
  • Type B as sturdy burner for simple fire polishing tasks
  • Type HLB as high performance burner for specific and automatic fire polishing with the high-performing premixing burner version

Offered only by RUDOBA on the national and international market the high performance burners are particularly suitable

  • for industrial appliance in automatic pressed glass processing lines of each type of glass (from leaded glass to borosilicate glass)
  • along fire polishing lines, for carrousel as well as conveyor belt machines or already in the press
  • along RUDOBA 1-step fire polishing machines
  • in small sized semi-automated processes, e.g. in special procedures during the assemblage of quartz glass and fused silica
  • as manual torch in workshop showrooms, on request as well with gas saver


External mixing gas-oxygen burners have different advantages over premixing (internal mixing) gas-oxygen burners:

  • lower gas pressure is required (150 mbar instead of 1 bar)
  • no separate mixer or mixing chambers are required at the torch
  • no threat of an explosion, because gas and oxygen are mixed outside the housing
  • lower effort for safety precautions, because at the torches there are no extra flame return valves required
  • the burners are not subject to testing according to the pressure vessel regulations

By adjusting the gas-oxygen burners technologically to specific products on-site not only the quality and lustre can be improved significantly but also the production output can be optimized by minimising the fire polishing time due to the high energy input.

High Performance Torches in comparison with other Types

Hochleistungsbrenner im Vergleich zu anderen Bauarten


The external mixing burners type A and B are usually used in the glass industry and there is no specific training required.
But for the new and hitherto only offered by RUDOBA external mixing high-performance burner (HLB) an on-site briefing is strongly recommended. Simultaneously an optimisation of the complete fire polishing process can take place.

Delivery time

On stock, production according to customer´s requirements at least 4 weeks depending on size and volume