Ornament Glass Grinding Machine with 8 Spots

Completely refurbished and equipped with a new control machine originally build by the former German company Walter Poeting

The machine enables a synchronised grinding of the same template on 8 items – including glass bowls and plates, stemmed glasses, Roemers, vases, carafes, glasses with handle, ashtrays etc.

Grinding a simple ornament takes approximately 10 minutes, so 48 pieces per hour can be grinded.

Separate and different in size, type and width the two grinding wheels fitted with diamonds can grind line patterns as well as floral ornaments programmed. The number of revolutions can be preselected as well as which of the wheels would grind.
Table lifting and swivel mechanism are made by one drive.

The machine is fitted with a computer control unit that means the programming occurs traditionally according to a dotted line drawing of the predetermined ornament design.

RUDOBA advantages

    • a machine nearly as good as new at a lower price (compared to a new machine)
    • no appreciable production downtime when replacing the old machine with the refurbished
    • Managing additional machines through the same control
    • Replacing the programming and computer system used in the 1980ies with a control taking

account of the customers special needs and up-to-date technology that is compatible with the customers programming method to enable a continued use of the company´s program library

  • easy programming, also for users without specific software skills

Technical Parameters

Connected Value 12 kW
Pneumatics 5 bar
Vacuum requirements 50 Prozent
Dimensions L x W x H 5,0 x 2,0 x 2,5 m