RUDOBA-Reheating station RET With diameter 180, 310 and 500 mm

If a glass product could not be brought into the desired shape in one operation, e.g. blown glass, it is necessary to reheat the glass until the desired shape including several layers has been reached. Producing decoration glassware necessitates for example often ten or more reheating procedures.
By means of RUDOBA-Reheating stations that glassmaker appreciated because of the flexibility leaded glass products and other could be reheated as often as necessary without jeopardizing the quality.


It is necessary to have an oxidising atmosphere inside a reheating station to not reducing the oxides on the glass surface especially on lead crystal. Inside RUDOBA reheating stations this atmosphere is realised by an oxy-fuel technology that also ideally uses the energy inside the combustion chamber. Therefor higher temperatures can be reached and reheating times can be shortened.

An extern mixing pipe burner heats up the station that is insulated with a refractory and also thermal radiation reflecting fibrous material.

Having a burner output of 45 to 60 kW the RUDOBA reheating stations could reach a temperature up to 1700°C within some seconds.

The reheating time for a glass product depends on its residual temperature, the vent of the reheating station and the set burner output. Therefor an exact time temperature diagram could not be generated.

Due to the combination of oxy-fuel technology and thermal radiation reflexion a clocked operation of RUDOBA reheating stations is possible. The station only starts working when a glass product needs to be reheated. Otherwise only a small pilot flame burns.


The main advantages compared with conventional gas-air reheating stations:
no preheating before starting to work necessary
energy consumption only during reheating
reduction of exhaust fumes to a tenth

Due to the inside thermal radiation the reheating is much more homogeneously and faster.

Energy source could be natural gas (NG) as well as liquid petroleum gas (LPG).
A burner replacement is not necessary.

RUDOBA reheating stations stand on lockable castors and therefor portable. Only a floor space of 0,6 x 0,7m is needed.

Three regular sizes are available
Special sizes upon request
  RET 180 RET 310 RET 500
  Inside diameter, mm 180 310 500
  Inside length, mm 300 300 500


RET 310 NG
Heating time
Noise level
Exhaust fume
Reheating station
Oxygen Fuel
3-5 Example:
ca. 70 1
gas-air reheating station
10-20 Example:
84 and more 10

Minimum connection figures:

Electrical connection: 220 V / 10A, AC
Fuel: minimum pressure p::300 mbar,
Volume flow Q: 5 Nm³/h