1-Spot Fire Polishing Machine

The fire polishing machine is used for fire polishing of individually fabricated glass items like bowls, vases or high-quality flacons.

The machine is equipped with a rotary disk on which the hot glass item will be positioned manually. Adjustable centering pins help to position the item.
The rotary disk starts turning after the operator presses the foot switch and simultaneously 1 or 2 polishing burners are ignited depending on the programming.
The turning speed of the rotary disk as well as the revolutions of the glass item in front of the burners can be preset depending on the requirements. So the machine stops after the time expires and the burners go out. After pressing the foot switch again the cycle starts once more.
The polishing burners are run with natural gas and oxygen. Instead of Natural Gas also propane gas is possible. Replacing oxygen with air is not recommended because polishing is not possible afterwards.

Each torch can be adjusted separately by fine adjustment valves at the machine. Every function is managed by a programmable LOGO control including the necessary security functions.
Part of the initial equipment is as well the igniter and two external mixing high performance burners.


  • The external mixing burners guarantee a high quality polishing result with a high reliability typical for this type of torch at the same time.
  • The burners only work when an item is on the machine. Therefor the machine has excellent energy efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Height: 940 mm
Width: 460 mm
Depth: 560 mm
Weight: 90 kg
Number of Revolutions: 0 – 32 U/min
Levels: 3
Driving performance: 0,55 kW
Power range: 380-500 V
Operating pressure Gas: 0,2 – 3 bar
Operating pressure Oxygen: 1- 5 bar